The Theatre

Maja Prentice Theatre is a facility owned by the City of Mississauga and it is currently independently managed by the Mississauga Theatre Alliance, a non-for-profit organization devoted to the encouragement and promotion of  production, performance, appreciation and enjoyment of theatre in the City of Mississauga. 


The theatre comes equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment, recently renovated lobby, snack bar and box office and beautiful dressing rooms. The climate-controlled facility is perfect for any performing arts and cultural group producing a live event.


There are 201 seats, with 10 rows of unobstructed seating. Audience members have access to public washrooms and vending machines.


Technically, the Theatre comes equipped with industry standard lighting and audio instruments such as Ellipsoidals, Fresnels, LED Tops, Cyc lights and an ETC Element as our lighting console. A Behringer X32 Producer sound console, JBL Speakers (fix-mounted), microphones and CD playback are also available.


The stage is designed with four black curtain legs, one Up-stage traveler, main curtains and a permanent cyclorama. Program sound and Clear-Com system are available.


The Maja Prentice Theatre is located at 3650 Dixie Road, on the southwest corner of Burnhamthorpe Road East and Dixie Road, inside the Burnhamthorpe Branch Library.

Who is Maja Prentice?

Born in Minneapolis, Prentice moved to Canada in 1960 to marry her Canadian high school boyfriend. She subsequently gained Canadian citizenship. She was first elected to City Council in December 1985. Councillor Prentice became involed in municipal policits because of her long time community involvement. She devoted 25 years as a City Councillor.


Over the years, she has been president of the Applewood Hills Homeowner's Association, president of the Applewood Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society, a provincial appointee to the Peel Regional Housing Authority and a Director of the Mississauga Rainbow Festival. Prentice was elected President of Peel Living from 1989 to 1996 and is currently on the Board of Directors.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Living Arts Centre and the Mississauga International Children's Festival.